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A school imparts knowledge to children, develops their skills, instills in them sound values and nurtures their curiosity for lifelong learning. It sets the context for their future learning and prepares them to be self-motivated and self-directed learners. It also shapes their physical and mental health and provides them with the environment for holistic development and well-being


The guiding principles of DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, have always inspired us to steer this institution of learning to the highest standards. Our educational programmes, co-curricular activities, community outreach programmes and the multifarious events are designed to foster children’s all-round development and make them responsible citizens with a global outlook and cross cultural appreciation.


Our teaching faculty brings an enviable level of qualifications, experience and commitment. They play the roles of teacher, mentor, counselor and guide with consummate skill. For them, teaching is not a job, but a calling in which they grow and evolve to become better every day.


I would like to acknowledge the sincere efforts displayed by all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff for their increasing support.

(Roshi Wadhwani)



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DAV  Anand Swami Public School, West End Park, Hehal Ranchi
Contact- 9262395063

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